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I migrated my blog! Welcome to Spoonfuls Of Glitter’s new home!

This blog business

Hi everyone, how are you all? I’m Jen and I’m trying to learn the ropes with this blog business! NOT going to lie, it all blows my mind a little and I can’t believe how time consuming it can all be! I love it though and im looking forward to the future.

Scary decision

I have recently moved over to here and this is my new home! It was a scary decision because I was ticking along nicely in the previous setting. I wanted to move forward and start self hosting though! I wanted to learn more and progress further.

The exact same blog

It’s the exact same blog. I hadn’t realised its harder to self-host on wordpress.com and that I needed to be on wordpress.org. I was so excited at the thought of blogging, I dived straight in last year and hadn’t read up on the finer details.

Total Newb

I am a total (in my Sons words) Newb at this blog business. A Newb is someone generally in his world, that can’t play Minecraft! In my case, I’m 100% techno challenged and I’m still trying to work it all out, including Minecraft!

Bare with me, any tips and tricks and advice would be greatly appreciated! I have a wonderful friend who gave me lots of tips and tricks for self hosting, I’m so grateful for her support..

I’m still not 100% on what I am doing but I have learnt loads since migrating over!

It’s all pretty much the same to be honest except there are far more options and things to play around with on this site. Transferring over and adjusting the look has been good fun but boy is it time consuming! I’m trying to learn something new and go day by day because it all BLOWS my mind a little!

Bye bye blog number 1

I have deleted my previous site, It took lots of courage to hit delete and there was a moment of panic! It was getting confusing when people followed or commented and for some reason the blogs kept getting linked together! It had to be done though, bye bye blog number 1!

If you do visit me here or even better decide to follow and sign up for updates, please leave a little comment and say hi. I am still trying to work out how this part works on here! Acessing comments and new follows was much simpler over at the last site but I’m determined to stick with it!

Lots of love,


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