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Dr PAWPAW helped my photosensitive skin!


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Dr PAWPAW Original Balm

Dr PAWPAW Original Balm     – £6.95

OMG, I LOVE  this wonder balm and so does my skin!

Meet Dr Paw Paw, the original balm that once you’ve tried once, you can NEVER live without!

This pawpaw balm is made in the UK from a variety of natural ingredients including pawpaw.

“Our main ingredient is fermented Pawpaw, the fruit of the plant Carica Papaya. The Pawpaw has been found to have natural healing qualities and is believed by many to be the finest natural medicine yet discovered.”


Skin Protector

This AMAZING multipurpose product can be used in so many different ways, from a skin protector and moisturiser to nappy cream and lip finisher. The balm also has healing properties and can be used on sun burn, skin irritations and as a hair conditioning treatment. You can even use this balm to soothe itchy bites, this is a MUST have essential during the Summer months or in your holiday travel bag!

Yellow tube of wonder

This little yellow tube of wonder was a beauty saviour during a hospital stay, I literally used it everywhere!

I applied Dr PAWPAW to my nails to soften my cuticles, I’m pretty sure this also encouraged my nails to grow because they are now longer and stronger than they’ve ever been before! The miracle is, I went into hospital with acrylics on, one by one they broke off as I’d missed my infill appointment. My nails needed some pretty serious SOS treatment and this did the job, now they look amazing!


I suffer from allergic flare ups and photosensitivity rashes on my neck and face. We still don’t know why, my Rheumatologist says it’s an auto-immune flare but they still haven’t given this a name. Dr PAWPAW soothed and calmed my skin down. The rashes would literally vanish by the morning! This was one of my flare ups and my Dr PAWPAW soothed it instantly!


You can’t see all of my chest In the after picture because the second picture was just a general snap. You can just about make out the reduced redness in picture two.


This went on my lips to stop them from getting dry or cracked. Hospitals seem to dry my lips out. When you are feeling your worst, it’s hard to remember your skincare but this little beauty had it covered!

Dr PAWPAW even went on my heels to stop them drying out in those yucky compression stockings. My feet stayed as smooth as a babies!

I applied this to my lashes to condition them. I also did this to give my lashes some body and curl instead of wearing mascara. Mascara seems to smudge in seconds when you are in hospital! I’m sure I’m not imagining it but my lashes also look like they have grown and I wouldn’t be surprised if it was Dr PAWPAW that made this happen!

I groomed my brows with this, added a sheen to my cheekbones and eyelids with this and I even used it to smooth down the ends of my hair. Hospital stays can turn the glossiest of manes into a frazzled birds nest but this had that covered too!!

Seriously, this product is AMAZING and it’s a 10/10 from me!!

You can purchase your yellow tube of wonder here –

Dr.PAWPAW Original Clear Balm




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