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Hi guys, I’m so sorry that  I haven’t blogged in a while.

I have had a couple of grotty weeks and non stop hospital appointments.

I lost my bloggers mojo and was suffering from bloggers block lol! I couldn’t decide what to write about next?!

I love Instagram and I love learning about all the latest trends, products and styles to rock. I could sit for hours watching all the beautiful makeup demos, nail demos and hair creations.

If you are in need of a new look, pop along to Instagram first, its a wonderful visual look book collage of all that is hot and now, with step by step tutorials and demonstrations.

I thought I would collaborate some of my favourite products and looks from this month and share them with you.

I have tracked down where you can buy them from or what the trend is called and researched why Instagram is loving them so much. All those hashtags can be confusing sometimes and it can be hard to work out what the product is or where it came from, so I have done the hard work for you, enjoy lovelies.

The following inspirations are a prism of sparkly, shimmering colour and perfection!

Tarte Cosmetics Limited Edition Magic Wands Brush Set – £31

How beautiful are these brushes?! So girly and magical!

If you love unicorns, then you will love these!

These fairy tale inspired brushes are vegan friendly and cruelty free, Tarte Cosmetics also promise that no unicorns were hurt in the process.

The set includes;

The Magenta Brush – Short, dense bristles that are perfect for perfectly controlled contouring, highlighting and strobing.

The Pink Powder Brush – The perfect brush for applying just the right amount of powder or foundation for a beautiful airbrushed finish.

The Green Blending Eyeshadow Brush – A fluffy eyeshadow brush, perfect for defining the crease and blending out any harsh lines.

The Blue Shading Eyeshadow Brush – A flat shading eyeshadow brush, perfect for applying base colour and softening around the crease.

The Purple Foundation Brush – Dense fluffy bristles, perfect for applying liquid foundations, cream foundations and primers.

Source – tartecosmetics.com


Source – tartecosmetics.com


Tarte Cosmetics Spellbound Glow Rainbow Highlighter – £26

This looks AMAZING!!

I have become a bit of a Tarte Cosmetics fan thanks to Instagram, if you haven’t seen these products before, pop along to their website, be warned, you will want EVERYTHING!

This compact contains a magical rainbow highlighter made up of four beautiful pastel unicorn inspired shades. You can use each shade alone or blended together to create a spectrum of light wherever you apply.

The powder is made up of Amazonian Clay which is a natural product perfect for longer and truer wear. This clay helps to keep your powder where you place it. The powder also contains Mineral Pigments to soothe and soften the skin and Vanilla Extract, a gentle fragrance and rich anti-oxidant with anti-ageing properties.

Source – tartecosmetics.com
Source – tartecosmetics.com
Source – tartecosmetics.com


Tarte Cosmetics Limited Edition Lights, Camera, Lashes 4-in-1 Mascara – £18

This vegan friendly, iconic and award winning  cult classic mascara conditions, lengthens, volumises by 330%, curls and defines each lash with the help of the 360 degree magniLASH wand.

This limited edition has been dressed up in the prettiest, most magical looking holographic packaging.

How awesome will this look in your makeup bag?!

Made with;

Olive Esters to condition, treat and protect lashes.

Rice Bran Wax to maximise the length of lashes.

Carnuba Wax to ensure a smooth application.

Pro vitamin B5 hydrates and improves the appearance of lashes.

Mineral Pigments to soothe and soften the skin around the lash line.

Source – tartecosmetics.com
Source – tartecosmetics.com


Loreal Colorista

These are fantastic if you aren’t feeling brave enough for something more permanent. They come in a variety of colours and different application methods, Superdrug will help you pick the right shade for you on their website. Sometimes a splash of colour is all you need to make you feel like a new woman, If you aren’t brave enough to go for a full head, dip the ends of your hair or add a few strands here and there.

These cool colours come as a;

Spray £6.99

Wash out colour £6.99

Permanent paint £7.99

Lightening kit £7.99

Source – www.impulsemag.it


Source – blogspot.com


Source – www.superdrug.com

Mabel and Meg Lumilixir Serum – £29 for 20mls and £39 for 30mls

This cult serum will plump skin, illuminate and nourish. This serum also helps minimise dark spots and scarring, will diffuse your primer and foundation and hydrate your lips prior to lipstick application.

There are so many videos all over Instagram of people dripping oil onto their makeup brush prior to foundation application or over their lips prior to lipstick application. Applying oil before application or alongside application helps blend your makeup more smoothly and leaves a wonderful dewy finish to your look.

This is literally a powerhouse product, cram packed with vitamin C a powerful anti-oxidant that will give your skin a youthful glow and hyaluronic acid, to hydrate your skin.

I absolutely loved this serum, my skin felt and looked fabulous, I would definitely buy again.

Source – www.cultbeauty.co.uk


Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipstick -$20

This lipstick is all over Instagram and there are some truly beautiful colours! This is lipstick has  an intensely matte,  highly pigmented finish. One application is all you need for flawless beautiful colour. These are smear resistant and claim to stay put for hours.

Source – www.sephora.com


Source – Pinterest

Huda Beauty Lip Contour – £16

If you want a perfect pout, these are the lip pencils for you!

The pencils come in a variety of shades to compliment your lipstick and give you gorgeous plump looking lips.

The pencils are made to hydrate your lips and can be used as both a liner and a lipstick coating your lips in a smooth velvety matte finish.

These are one of the Makeup Artists of Instagram’s favourites and I see them on so many posts!

The pencils are vegan friendly so suitable for all, no wonder these are a cult beauty classic and loved by so many.

I have included a picture of a little trick for making your lips appear much fuller, give it a go, it really works!

Source – www.cultbeauty.co.uk


Source – allforfashiondesign.com


Jeffree Stars Skin Frosts – $29

These look so good and there are so many different colours to choose from!!

Siberian Gold

Ice Cold

Princess Cut

Peach Goddess

Lavender Snow

King Tut

So Fucking Gold

Dark Horse

Regina George

Mint Condition

Deep Freeze

Onyx Ice

These powders are highly pigmented so a little goes a long way. They are suitable for face, eyes and body and can be used wet or dry.

The powders are also vegan friendly, cruelty free, talc free, paraben and gluten free.


Jeffree Star Skin Frost in Siberian Gold


Jeffree Star Skin Frost in Lavender Snow


Source – www.loveforlacquer.com



Furless Cosmetics eyeshadow pigment in Debauched – $18

These beautiful eyeshadow pigments are all vegan friendly and toxin free for beautiful, healthy eyes. The jar is also made from eco friendly materials so you can be beautiful and keep the planet beautiful at the same time, win, win!

The colour Debauched is a stunning sea green with added flecks of gold for a multi dimensional blend of beautiful colour.


Source – @chassydimitra on Instagram


Source – @beauty.authority on Instagram


Sugar Pill Make-Up pressed eyeshadow in Butter cupcake – $13

This eyeshadow is a beautiful, bright, matte yellow eyeshadow and will make your eyes pop with colour!

All Sugar Pill make-up is cruelty free making it a firm favourite on Instagram.

Source – sugarpill.com
Source – Pinterest


Sigma Beauty Individual Eyeshadow in Ginger Pumpkin – $7.70

These beautiful eyeshadows are made without parabens, sulphates, phthalates, casein or mineral oils.

Each eyeshadow contains a smooth, highly pigmented and long lasting colour.

I love the look of this colour for adding warmth to your look.

Source – www.sigmabeauty.com


Source – @melissawanbon on Instagram


Makeup Geek Cosmetics eyeshadow in Morocco – $6

This rich burnt orange matte eyeshadow is highly pigmented and long lasting. You can mix and match shades and create your own  Z-Palette

All of the eyeshadows are cruelty free and paraben free, another perfect example of kind and gentle beauty.

Source – makeupgeek.com
Source – makeupgeek.com


NYX Cosmetics  Prismatic shadow in Mermaid – $6

How beautiful is this colour?!

Your eyes will dazzle in this glistening prismatic eyeshadow and you can apply this all over, even on your lips for a mermaid inspired sheen.

Source – www.nyxcosmetics.com


Source – Pinterest


MAC Cosmetics loose pigments – £16

Loose pigment shades in;


Primary Yellow

Green Space

Marine Ultra

These loose pigments are highly pigmented and contain an ingredient that helps them to adhere to skin.

You can use these anywhere and either apply a gentle wash of colour or go bold and make a statement.

These pigmants are non-caking, non-streaking and extremely long wearing.


Marbled Nails

This look is all over Instagram, it is a really cool look and adds some quirkiness to your manicure.

Source – www.fenzyme.com


Source – beautymag.tips


Source – Pinterest


Lime Crime Makeup Diamond Crushers

These look amazing!

Not only are they stunning, they are also vegan friendly and cruelty free.

These are not a gloss, they are a revolutionary prismatic topper that can be worn over lipstick or on bare lips. They are water soluble and non gritty and leave a long lasting spectrum of shine on your lips.

These are on my wish list!

NEW DC Hero Banner_
Source – www.limecrime.com
Diamond Crushers Banner_1920x400_v2
Source – www.limecrime.com


Source – www.limecrime.com

Lime Crime Makeup Pop on nails – $14

Look at these beauties!

In just 10 minutes, these will give you a professional manicure, perfect for last minute nights out.

The nails are made out of a special type of plastic that will look and feel like your own nails, perfect!

Source – www.limecrime.com


Lime Crime Make Up Velvetines – $20

These are luxuriously rich, matte lip colours. They are smudge proof and kiss proof and they will last for hours.

Inspired by the CEO Doe Deere’s love of pasting rose petals on her lips as a child, these lip colours are as velvety smooth as the softest petals.

Velvetines are vegan friendly and cruelty free and come in 42 liptastic colours!

Source – limecrime.com


Source – limecrime.com (Bleached)


Source – limecrime.com (Teacup)


Source – limecrime.com (Scandal)


Source – limecrime.com (True Love)


Source – @maddiecarina on Instagram


Source – @doedeere on Instagram (CEO of Lime Crime Makeup)


Prism Hair

If you fancy something a little different, this is the hair trend for you!

Capture the rainbow in your hair and rock this rainbow prism  trend with style.

Source – pinimg.com


Source – pinimg.com


Source – pinimg.com



There are lots of metallic looks out there and the trend is predicted to carry through into Autumn/Winter 2017. Here are some looks to inspire you.

Source – bing.com


Source – cuteypaste.com


Source – stylecarrot.com


Source – fashion-diaries.com


Source – pinterest.com


Source – cuteypaste.com


Glitter Eyes Chunky Pressed Glitter – £6.99

With colours named things like Neverland, Glitter Party , Mermaid Tears and Marshmellow how could you not want to try these magical pots of wonder?

These are not intended for use around the eye (although many people use them around their eyes) as they contain chunky bits of glitter but they are perfect for anywhere you want a splash of magic, You can even put them along your parting for the much loved on Instagram look, ‘Glitter Roots.’

Source – glittereyes,co.uk (Neverland)


Source – glittereyes.co.uk (Jingle Bells)


Source – glittereyes.co.uk (Romance Duo)


Source – glittereyes.co.uk (Space Combo)


Spring Florals

Its all about the florals this Spring, here are some looks to inspire you.

Source – fashiongum.com


Source – pinterest.com


Source – pinimg.com


Street Style: September 25 - Milan Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2017
Source – defymedia.com


Street Style - Day 5 - LFW September 2016
Source – defymedia.com

Whilst we are on the floral trend, I have seen these Boohoo Jessica trainers everywhere! They are only £18 too!!


Source – boohoo.com

So there we have it, a page full of glittery, girly, beautiful wonder all from my Spring 2017 Instagram wish list.

There is so much more out there but I tried to share the products, looks and styles that have really been capturing my eye lately.

Happy Spring

Jen xxx























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