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A Day Out In Liverpool

A trip to Liverpool

I recently went to Liverpool for the day. I have been there many times in the past but since all the problems with pain and walking, I’ve avoided big days out and opted for places I can sit and watch the kids play with a nice big mug of coffee instead!

Safety First

When we are out and about I worry about being able to keep the kids safe. I imagine having to tell them to run to safety and leave me behind because I can’t run anymore. The thought makes my blood run cold. I try not to watch the news anymore because it makes things worse. In the scary world that we live in today, bad things happen daily. We’ve all seen the safety publications that say you should run for cover and hide. Well what are you supposed to do if you can’t run to safety? You never see any advise for people with mobility issues do you?

Sadly I feel so vulnerable and exposed in crowded places, This means we tend to stick to places I know and places I can leave the car right outside. I hate being too far from my car and especially hate being in too much pain to get back to it. This can be impossible in cities so I just avoid going. I’d love to take the kids to London but it just seems like too huge a mountain to climb.

Driving in Liverpool

I’m a bit of a nervous Nelly when it comes to driving in towns and cities I don’t know. Suffering from Chronic Fatigue means I sometimes struggle to remember the way to places and rely on my Sat Nav. I also hate it when cars are coming at you from all angles, give me quiet country lanes any day!

I was quite proud though, I actually drove us into Livepool this time! Public transport isn’t easy for me and my car can usually get me from door to door. Driving in Liverpool was a pleasant surprise! The roads were easy to access, clearly signposted and I got to where we needed to be with ease.

Disabled Parking

The disabled parking in Liverpool was extremely impressive! We visited the Liverpool Council website where you can view a map of the city and find all the street parking spaces. It’s not always this easy to park in my local town, I literally drove straight into a spot!

There is so much to see and do in Liverpool!

Liverpool is a wonderful city and there is so much to see and do! Liverpool is a Capital of Culture a UNESCO World Herritage site and of course the birthplace of the one and only Beetles. If you are a fan, there are so many places to reminisce. There is also some beautiful historic buildings and lots of places to go and see in Liverpool, you will literally be spoilt for choice!

Museum of Liverpool

We decided to go to the Museum of Liverpool. I was so impressed with the museums parking. I recommend giving the museum a call before you visit, they will explain that you can literally drive right outside the front door. I didn’t believe it till got there. I don’t think I have ever been able to park so easily in my life! It felt like we were mounting the pavement as we drove up to a type of ticket machine looking intercom box. We buzzed through and confirmed we were the people that had called earlier and the bollards blocking our way sunk into the ground, letting us through. I felt like a V.I.P!

I was able to park right outside the little brick building on left of picture, a stones throw from the entrance! Check out that huge observation window too!
The view from the museums huge observation window!

Disabled friendly

The museum is full of the history of Liverpool and the exhibits go right up to the modern day. The walkways are wide and clear of obstructions. There are lifts to each exhibition and a disabled toilet close by. The interior is very trendy and there is a huge, white spiral staircase that leads to each floor. Most of the displays are interactive which keeps the little ones occupied. There is something for everyone inside the Museum of Liverpool.

Nothing is out of reach and you would be able to access everything whether you were in a wheelchair, on crutches or unable to stand for long periods of time. The museum also has plenty of seats posted throughout for rest breaks.

Overhead Railway – Photo by Mark Mcnulty – http://www.liverpoolmuseums.org.uk/mol/visit/galleries/overhead/


We really enjoyed sitting on the overhead railway the train felt really atmospheric and you could imagine yourself sat travelling during years gone by. There was a guide at hand to teach us the history and he was extremely informative and helpful.

“The Liverpool Overhead Railway gallery tells the remarkable story of the first electric elevated railway in the world. The Overhead Railway was built in 1893 to ease congestion along seven miles of Liverpool’s docks. It was also marketed as a tourist attraction as it provided amazing views of the docks, shipping and transatlantic liners on the River Mersey. It was fondly known as the ‘dockers’ umbrella’ as it also provided shelter from the rain. In the gallery you can meet some of the people who worked and travelled on the Overhead Railway. You can climb aboard a carriage, which is fixed at the exact height of the original railway at 4.8m (16 feet) above the ground. The displays also explore why the railway was eventually pulled down in the late 1950s and the legacy it has left behind.”


Another reason to visit the Museum of Liverpool is to see Liverpool’s famous Lambanana’s. They are a cross between a lamb and a banana and represent two of Liverpool’s most common cargos  at the Liverpool docks. Lambanana’s are now seen as a representation of the cities traditional role as a port. They are extremely funky, bright and colourful, my kids love them.

“Early in 2010, eight new two-metre-high replicas of Superlambanana, known as the “Eight for 08″ were commissioned as a permanent piece of public art. Initially placed on The Strand, in front of the Cunard and Liver Buildings, they” are destined to be moved to the new Lime Street station once it is finished.[22]
As of October 2014, four of the ‘Eight for 08’ have been relocated to the Pier Head, outside the new Museum of Liverpool. Mandy Mandala Superlambanana is in the museum itself.”


Liverpool One

If you love shopping then this is the city for you! If shopping is your thing then you must visit Liverpool-One.  


There are all the favourite places to shop at Liverpool One.  There are the posh treat yourself shops, The places people with mobility issues rarely get to go to due to struggling with London travel, or city travel in general. You will also find some really yummy places to eat or grab a coffee. Again everywhere is so accessible! My local places to shop could learn a thing or two from visiting Liverpool! There are is also plenty of disabled parking  and all sorts of acces provisions and amenities to make life easier, it’s pretty impressive!

At Liverpool ONE we have multiple disabled parking spaces, as well as toilets with an electric hoist, sensory aids and more to give you a comfortable experience. Liverpool ONE also offers one of the only Adult Change Facilities in the North West.”



The Albert Docks

The Albert Docks have always been one of my favourite places to go. The docks are very accessible to all but I recommend going during quieter times as the pathways are fairly narrow and hard to navigate if full of people. Guide dogs are welcome in every venue at the docks. There are lots of lovely places to eat or have a coffee and it’s a great place to watch the world go by.

There are plenty of places to visit at the Albert Docks. You’ve got The Beatles Story which is is a fantastic journey along the history of the Beatles and their rise to fame. The Beatles Story offers free wheelchair hire so if you struggle with walking, this is excellent to know! You could also go on The Magical Mystery Tour Bus a two hour adventure around Beatles Liverpool.

One of my favourite places to go is the Tate Liverpool. They always display the most interesting and out there art and designs and the gallery is a really manageable and easily accessible building. The Tate also offer free wheelchair hire,. Art is one of my favourite subjects and hobbies. I love illustrating my own little pictures. When I was teaching I taught Art BTEC before my health took a turn for the worse. Working with all those art materials meant I was in my absolute element daily. I studied art at school and college and always feel at home amongst the smells of paint and print.

If you like a bit of history, I really recommend a trip to the Merseyside Maritime Museum. You could also visit the International Slavery Museum, this is a place to learn about the truly horrifying ways the people of the past were treated and pay respect to their memories.

One for the kids

There is also a new venue at the Albert Docks and I plan to visit in the Summer. You can now visit the Mattel Play,

This is a place of interaction and fun featuring your children’s favourite Mattel characters. This looks so much fun! The venue have also signed the Autism Charter  meaning the venue is Autism friendly and they offer quieter sessions booked at half capacity during set time slots. I think this is a great idea and another nod to Liverpool being accessible for all.

Food glorious food

My favourite place by far to eat in Liverpool is the most amazing Italian restaurant called Casa Italia.


From – https://www.tripadvisor.co.uk/Restaurant_Review-g186337-d5244456-Reviews-Casa_Italia-Liverpool_Merseyside_England.html
Source – https://www.tripadvisor.co.uk/Restaurant_Review-g186337-d5244456-Reviews-Casa_Italia-Liverpool_Merseyside_England.html
Picture from -https://www.tripadvisor.co.uk/Restaurant_Review-g186337-d5244456-Reviews-Casa_Italia-Liverpool_Merseyside_England.html

The food was so good! This was no fuss, wholesome and homemade Italian food. The tomatoe sauce is delicious and I’m sure there is family history and secret behind each dish. The kids cleaned their plates, which can be rare as they can be fussy. My husband is a chef so they know good food and are the best critics! The only downside to this gem of a restaurant is the access, As far as I could tell, the access to and size of venue. You have to climb a few narrow steps that lead to a narrow door and there isn’t much room between tables. I’m not sure how you could access the restaurant if you are a wheelchair user. Like with anywhere, it’s probably best to call and ask before you go.

Liverpool is my favourite city, the kids love it and we always have so much fun when we visit! I’m sure you will love it too!

















10 Replies to “A Day Out In Liverpool”

  • I like your focus on preplanning. I recently had an epic fail when I tried to go to the National Arboretum in Washington DC. I didn’t remember to hydrate or eat enough before going, wasted precious energy walking from farther away parking lots, and after a 10 min. browse in the gift shop while looking for the bathroom (all before seeing any actual plants!) my body called it quits. It’s encouraging to see that you planned for success and had it, with kids in tow, no less! I will have to do more planning before attempting my next outing.

    • Thank you Liz, it really was such a great day. I’m so sorry your day out didn’t go as planned, I hate it when that happens! It happens to me every time I try and go shopping. I start off well and get excited about looking at shoes and clothes and then run out of steam and give up but it will take forever to get back to my car. I try to just shop online but there’s nothing like seeing the clothes and feeling the fabric! Take care and I hope you manage a fun day out soon xx

  • Hi Jen,
    I am so glad you enjoyed our home city. Liverpool is such a fabulous place with so much to see and do. I didn’t know about the parking at the museum, that’s such a good tip. I’ll share this post on our Facebook page, keep up the great work.
    Best Wishes

    • Thank you so much Rob. My Dad lives on the Wirral so we come up that way quite a lot but I hadn’t attempted Liverpool in years. It’s my favourite place to bring the kids, there’s so much more to do and it’s so friendly up there. I will be going back to Liverpool over the Summer now I know how easy it is to get around. The museum was fantastic and the parking was amazing, literally door to door! Thank you so much for sharing. xxx

  • This sounds fantastic; I’ve never been to Liverpool but you’ve certainly opened my eyes up to what’s there as I was pretty clueless before. You’re not alone in being a “nervous Nelly” with driving in towns/cities you don’t know, and I rely a lot on a SatNav, too. It’s interesting to read more about how you get on with days out and how you found places around this city – great post, Jen!

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