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Question & Answer Time With An Amazing Mum- 20/12/2017 This Is Life With Chronic Pain and Trauma

Strength and Pain

I’ve had another brave Mum step forward and share her story with me. Another truly inspirational lady who has suffered so much and yet still been able to stay strong and keep going for those around her. This Mum suffers daily with Chronic Pain and struggles with her mental health after experiencing Birth Trauma two years ago.

This amazing Mum has asked to remain anonymous because she finds it very hard to reach out to those around her. Like many of us, she suffers in silence and often those closest to her are completely unaware of the strength and courage it takes to get through each day.

Here is our Q&A session;

1) What is the cause of your pain?

The cause of my pain is both mental and physical. I have PNDPTSD and OCD   following my son’s birth two years ago. Physically, I have a dislocated pelvis, several prolapses and a wrongly diagnosed and painful tears

2) What is your day to day life like living with this pain?

It can be very daunting, and the days feel so much longer than they did before. It is a constant battle of being in pain mentally and physically but having to do my best for those around me.

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3) What have you been treated like by medical professionals? (This can be good or bad, or both!)

I haven’t had much success with medical professionals to be honest, during my birth and in the two years post partum. Finding understanding healthcare professionals has been difficult and you can be met with some awful comments such as ‘your body changes after having a baby’ or ‘are you sure you aren’t just finding being a mum isn’t a bed of roses’.

4) What do you wish the medical profession understood about you and your pain?

This is my pain, and that even though I put on a face to the outside world, that is my way of coping, I am in agony and need help. I wish they would try to understand our pain rather than dismissing it as they don’t feel it.

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5) Name one improvement needed to improve your medical care. (What is something you wish the NHS did better?)

I wish there was more support just in general for mums post birth – both physically and mentally. I’ve seen so many mums suffer with problems after giving birth and there seems to be a common theme of not enough resources or Dr’s unwilling to help them.

6) What do you wish your friends and family could understand about you and your pain?

That I may look like I’m coping but it is a very very good front that I put on. I am too proud to ask for help, but I could use some! – some mind reading would be good haha.

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7) What Support do you get from friends, family or care staff, if any? 

I don’t get much to be honest as I am very independent and struggle asking for help. However I know they would if I could just be brave enough to ask!

8 ) What do you miss the most from your previous pain free life?

I miss the little things like going to do the food shop and not being in agony afterwards, or going to bed not dreading the mental battles with hundreds of OCD rituals the next morning. I really took my pain free body for granted but now would love it back.

9) How has your pain changed you as a person, for better or worse?

I would say I am less social as either my pain or anxiety has slowed me down. I am a little less patient as well. However, I am also a lot stronger as I know I have to get through each day for my family.

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10) What is your super power? What do you do to hide your pain from the rest of the world?

Putting on my makeup and facing each day to the outside world like I have no pain ~ however this can sometimes be a downfall as well!

11) What is your spoonful of glitter? What do you do to add sparkle to the dark days?

A nice hot cuppa when I get a minute to sit!

12) If you had one wish, what would it be?

I wouldn’t change my little family for the world, but I wish I could have my pain free life back for a bit so I could appreciate how easy it was to do things once more.



All the love in the world goes out to this extremely strong lady. It takes true courage to speak out and share your story!

I am truly honoured to know so many incredibly brave and inspirational women.

My own struggle took me on a path, a path of raising awareness for all that suffer in silence. My struggle has brought so many Mothers together and one by one, if willing, I want to help their incredible stories get heard. I want you to hear because these women are my superheroes and like myself, though they may be beaten, they will never be defeated!






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