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Tag: Birth Trauma

A letter from my Mother

A letter from my Mother My Mum wrote this truly heartfelt letter for this blog post, the words moved me to tears. This is life through the eyes of a Mother, life watching your child suffer daily from pain. This Read more…

Question And Answer Time – Expalining Life With Chronic Illness 4/01/18

Strength and Medical Care I am honoured to share another Q&A time spent with a really special Mum! This is another story to celebrate the strength and raise awareness for Mums in pain and Invisible Illness.  A post to discuss Read more…

I’m not the same person that walked into the storm

As there is so much awareness focused on suicide and mental health at the moment, I have decided to open up more than I have ever before about my personal journey. My reasons for sharing my journey are in the Read more…


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