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I migrated my blog! Welcome to Spoonfuls Of Glitter’s new home!

This blog business Hi everyone, how are you all? I’m Jen and I’m trying to learn the ropes with this blog business! NOT going to lie, it all blows my mind a little and I can’t believe how time consuming it Read more…

One Lovely Blog Nomination

I have been nominated for the ‘One Lovely Blog’ Award by the equally lovely Rhiann Louise. Rhiann herself has an excellent blog called My Brain Lesion And Me Rhiann shares plenty of brilliant resources for anyone suffering with chronic illness Read more…

Look good, feel better

Most chronic illness and pain conditions are classed as ‘invisible’ this is because in most cases the illness is hidden. The illness and pain is usually hidden because the sufferers have an unbelievable strength and ability to cope and are Read more…

Hello and welcome to Spoonfuls Of Glitter

Hello and welcome to Spoonfuls of Glitter! My name is Jen and I’m here to share the things that makes me smile, keep me going through the hard and painful times and tips and tricks for keeping you looking and Read more…


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